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[Sticky] Forum Rules

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1. **Respect and Courtesy:** Treat fellow forum members with respect, even if you disagree; maintain a courteous and civil tone in all discussions.

2. **No Hate Speech or Harassment:** Avoid any form of hate speech, harassment, or personal attacks; promote a positive and inclusive environment.

3. **Stay On Topic:** Keep discussions relevant to the forum's theme or category; start new threads for unrelated topics.

4. **No Spamming or Self-Promotion:** Refrain from posting repetitive or irrelevant content, and avoid excessive self-promotion; contribute meaningfully to discussions.

5. **Mind Your Language:** Avoid the use of offensive or inappropriate language; keep the forum accessible to users of all ages.

6. **Respect Privacy:** Do not share personal information about yourself or others; respect the privacy of fellow members.

7. **No Illegal Content:** Do not post or link to any illegal or unauthorized content; this includes pirated software, copyrighted material, or any other content violating legal standards.

8. **Use Clear and Concise Language:** Communicate ideas clearly and concisely to facilitate understanding; avoid excessive use of jargon or technical language without context.

9. **Moderator Instructions:** Follow instructions provided by forum moderators; they are there to ensure a positive and constructive community environment.

10. **Report Violations:** If you encounter a post that violates forum rules, report it to the moderators instead of engaging in confrontations; help maintain a healthy community.

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