"By ensuring that Caladan remains affordable, my aspiration is to extend the wealth of knowledge accumulated over decades of design to anyone eager to fully embrace the advantages that open baffle loudspeakers have to offer."


The Caladan represents a cutting-edge design that marks a significant leap forward from its predecessors. It boasts two 12-inch Beyma studio-grade mid/bass drivers operating in parallel, accompanied by a 1.125-inch silk dome tweeter with a 1kHz crossover point, utilizing a 2nd order network. This configuration builds upon the open-baffle, dipole concept, which evolved from the original Emerald Physics CS2 model introduced in 2007, passed through the Spatial M Series, and underwent rigorous testing and refinements.

The outcome? Caladan delivers an exceptionally lifelike music presentation, remarkable in-room radiation characteristics, exceptional imaging, and soundstaging. It maintains a consistent linear response, both on and off-axis, delivering a crisp and dynamic audio experience while offering world-class bass articulation and punchiness.

What is Caladan?

“Caladan” is an open baffle type of speaker enclosure design that differs from traditional closed or ported speaker cabinets. In an open baffle speaker, the driver (the actual loudspeaker component) is mounted on a flat panel or baffle without an enclosed back or sides. This open design allows sound to radiate both forwards and backwards from the driver.

Whats the advantage of Caladans design?

Simplicity, Coherence, Lower Crossover Point, Compact Size and Imaging. Questions?

Does Caladan need a Subwoofer?

When I designed Caladan, it was important to me to develop a complete loudspeaker solution. The in-room response of Caladan will have no trouble reaching the mid-30s, and in our listening tests, we can confidently say that we do not need a subwoofer.

What about Speaker Placement?

Placement of dipole speakers is crucial to achieving optimal sound quality and imaging. Dipole speakers, which radiate sound both forward and backward, have some specific considerations when it comes to placement. Here are some guidelines for positioning dipole speakers:

Away from Walls: Place dipole speakers a reasonable distance away from walls to reduce reflections and phase cancellations. Ideally, position them at least 2 feet away from the rear wall to allow the rearward sound waves to propagate properly.

Symmetrical Placement: Ensure that the dipole speakers are symmetrical within the listening room. This means that they should have equal distances to side walls and be equidistant from your listening position.

Toe-In: Some listeners prefer a slight toe-in angle for dipole speakers, where the speakers are angled slightly toward the listening area. Experiment with toe-in angles to find the best balance between direct and reflected sound.

Listener Position:

Sweet Spot: Position your listening chair or couch in the sweet spot, where the direct sound from the dipole speakers and the reflected sound from the room create an immersive and well-balanced listening experience.

Distance: Pay attention to the distance between the listener and the speakers. The optimal listening distance can vary depending on the specific speaker model and room dimensions, so experiment to find the best position.

Room Acoustics:

Room Treatments: Consider using acoustic treatments to manage room reflections and standing waves, which can impact the performance of dipole speakers. These treatments can help achieve a more accurate and balanced sound.

Trial and Error: Fine-tuning the placement of dipole speakers can involve some trial and error. Be patient and make incremental adjustments to find the positioning that delivers the best sound for your specific room and preferences.

What's the design goal of Caladan?

With this design, a key objective was to make high-fidelity accessible to a broad audience. By ensuring that Caladan remains affordable, my aspiration is to extend the wealth of knowledge accumulated over decades of design to anyone eager to fully embrace the advantages that open baffle loudspeakers have to offer. With that being said, as I embarked on the design process for Caladan, a realization dawned upon me: this loudspeaker isn’t solely crafted for your enjoyment; it’s a design that I’ll personally be experiencing and listening to as well.

I have more Questions, can you help me?

It would be a pleasure to speak with you, 1-801-631-2994.

Designed with Passion

Welcome to the Acoustic Lab, where innovation meets craftsmanship. I am dedicated to creating a signature sound that will captivate your senses. With open baffle technology, Caladan delivers an unparalleled listening experience. Whether you have a small room or a spacious living area, This loudspeaker will fill the space with rich, dynamic sound. No need for a subwoofer – Caladan is designed to deliver deep, powerful bass. With their unrivaled midband performance, every detail of your favorite music will come to life. Experience the incredible sound quality that Clayton Shaw is known for. Join us on this audio journey and discover a new dimension of music.